Baa Baa Sheepskin Boots

Baa Baa 3quarter sheepskin leather boots
Baa Baa Boots and Scuffs
baa baa lace-up boots
Baa Baa 3quarter Boot - detail

Baa Baa 3/4 Boots

3quarter height boots provide fashion and warmth. Their approximate height is 20cm and are handcrafted by our Australian designer.

Made from 100% Australian Sheepskin and fitted with ripple rubber sole for durability and strength.

baa baa boots - beige

Full Height Boots

Full Height Baa Baa Boots are a more traditional style, providing both fashion and warmth.

Their approximate height is 30cm and are handcrafted from 100% Australian Sheepskin and fitted with ripple rubber sole.

baa baa sheepskin slippers

Baa Baa Slippers

These sheepskin slippers provide both warmth and comfort. Handcrafted from 100% Australian Sheepskin with a slip on design for ease of use.

Their approximate height is 11cm and and are fitted with durable rubber soles.

baa baa scuff - without fur cuff

Baa Baa Scuffs

Baa Baa Scuffs are comfort slip-in footwear with no heal.

The Scuffs can feature a fur cuff, if you desire. Made from 100% Australian Sheepskin with a durable rubber sole.

baa baa lace-up boots detail

Baa Baa Lace-up Boots

Baa Baa Lace-up Boots come in a choice of:
– side lace-up, or
– front lace-up

Handmade from 100% Australian Sheepskin for durability and strength.

All Footwear
available in these

leather colour - black
leather colour - chestnut
leather colour - grey
leather colour - crimson
leather colour - dark brown
Dark Brown
leather colour - sandy beige
Sandy Beige
leather colour - hot pink
Hot Pink
leather colour - baby blue
Baby Blue
leather colour - dusty pink
Dusty Pink
leather colour - weather proof
Weather Proof

Please specify the following when ordering, so that we may supply the accurate sizes:

1. Your normal shoe size
2. Your gender (male or female)
3. Your bare foot length from heel to top toe in centimetres. Please ensure to provide the length of the bigger foot as in general most people have one foot a little bigger than the other.

The use of “Ugg” in relation to Sheepskin Boots

The terms ‘ugg’, ‘ug’ and ‘uhg’ with relation to sheepskin boots are legally recognised as generic terms in Australia (the term having been used and published in Australia for many decades prior to American adoption) and can be used to describe sheepskin footwear sold or manufactured by any Australian entity and is not to be confused with Trade Mark brands or their representatives. The American company (Deckers Outdoor Corporation {Deckers}) purchased “Ugg” as a Trademark in 1996 and has tried unsuccessfully to prevent Australians from using the term ever since.

We use only 100% authentic “Grade A” Australian Sheepskin in the manufacture of Baa Baa Boots footwear. Though Some people choose to call our Baa Baa Boot product by the generic term Ugg Boots, we are not affiliated with either Decker’s “Ugg Australia” brand nor the “Urban Ugg Co.” brand and do not sell any of their products.