Propolis Handy Candy

Propolis Candy 4g
Propolis Candy
(3g candy individually wrapped)

Individually wrapped Propolis Candy

Propolis Candy provides fresh breath and assists with dry, sore and irritated throats.  Our ‘On the Go’ candy is prepared with natural products; including a hint of Propolis.

Refreshing and soothing for your mouth & throat
– it is a delicious and naturally tasty refreshment lozenge.

Propolis is a natural source of complex biological material collected and processed by honeybees and is widely recognised as a health food supplement.

Bee Product Warning:

Bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Always test prior to usage. If irritation or swelling occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact your health care professional. This product is NOT recommended for Asthma or Allergy sufferers.

Ingredients: Propolis, Sugars, Honey, Water

Quantity: 100g x 1 (pkt) – PHC001

Quantity: 1kg x 1 (pkt) – PHC010

Quantity: 5kg x 1 (pkt) – PHC050

Quantity: 10kg x 1 (pkt) – PHC100 Trade Price on application